If there’s a road going there, you can bike there. But what's the best way to get to work? Whether you’re looking for the fastest, the quietest, or somewhere in-between, these tools will help.

Google Maps – Google Maps’ cycle mode will give you a few options for your route, as well as the travel time and hills you can expect on the way.

Cycling and Walking Journey Planner –  will help you figure out a route from A to B. 

Smart Travel - this journey planner will show how much you’ll save by taking this route regularly, as well as your reduction in carbon emissions. Neat.

STRAVA Heat Maps – This map won’t plot your route, but it will give you an idea of where you can expect to see other people on bikes. The denser the line, the more common the route and the more likely you’ll have someone to ride alongside.

Remember that the shortest route may not be the best for you. Keep in mind your level of fitness, your confidence on the road, and pick a route that will be most comfortable for you.

Once you’ve plotted a route, try giving it a go at a quiet time of day. Journey planners will give you an idea of how long the route will take, but practising the route at your own pace will help you better plan for your first commute.

What could you do on a bike?

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Start riding in Wellington

Learning to ride is the first step to enjoying all of the great things about cycling. Find out how to get started.

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