Explore the bike facilities for each of the highlighted streets.



These are bike lanes, which are for people on bikes only.


Shared paths

Shared paths can be used by people who are walking, as well as well as those on bikes. If you're on a bike, you have to give way to pedestrians. Pathways where you can ride a bike are identified by 'Shared Pathway' signs. Please give other people space when you are approaching them, and keep your speed to a minimum.


Bus lanes

People on bikes can use the lanes marked 'Bus Lane', but can only use those marked as 'Buses Only' under certain circumstances.

What could you do on a bike?

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Learning to ride is the first step to enjoying all of the great things about cycling. Find out how to get started.

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Cycling is a smart investment. The environment, economy and all road users benefit from it. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice, and we are doing the same in Wellington.This s…