Wellington City Council wants to keep you safe when riding around Wellington.


This high-visibility gear is available for your own personal use, for free, while stocks last:


Bike There reflective bracelets
Bike There reflective bands Reflective ankle “Slap bands”. When “slapped” against your lower leg, the reflective band wraps itself around your ankle. They’re great to keep loose trouser legs from getting into the bike chain, and make you a lot more visible to approaching cars in low light. They reflect car lights back in bright flashes due to the distinctive pedalling movement. You can also wear them on your ankles or arms when running or walking in low light.


Hi-vis bag covers

High visibility, waterproof backpack cover. This cover will keep your stuff dry and make you super visible, day and night. It fits over your day pack and now includes a buckled strap that keeps it securely on your backpack, even on windy days.


You can pick up these up from Wellington City Council’s Arapaki Manners Service Centre at 12 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am–5pm (closed public holidays)

Please just collect 1-2 slap bands and 1 pack cover per person.

Available while stocks last.



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