Sometimes choosing to ride in the morning isn’t easy, especially if you live further out, or the weather’s looking a bit iffy. Why not look at the public transport options for bikes?

BusesAll buses running regular Metlink services come with a bike rack fitted. There’s no extra cost and it’s as simple as loading your bike onto the rack before you board the bus.

Trains – Most trains accommodate bikes, but it pays to check on your particular service – some peak services cannot carry bikes. Bringing your bike on the train is free and most train stations will have racks to store your bike if you choose to park and ride instead.

Ferry – Wellington’s ferry service across the harbour can accommodate bikes. So if you’re headed to work or looking for a day trip, this is a great option.

Make sure you’re being a responsible and polite transport user, that your bike is clean, securely strapped in and not blocking any doors or exits. Let other people on and off first so you have room to maneuvre your bike in and out of the racks.

Folding bikes can be taken on all public transport, whether or not they’re equipped with racks or bike bays. Folding bikes are also a great space-saving solution for cars. See how they work.

Next time you’re weighing up taking the car over your bike, consider combining your ride with public transport instead.

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