A few years or so ago, many people would not have seen the relevance of cycling to most workplaces. That has changed!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses and other employers have a role to play and that they benefit from getting involved. More and more are doing so.

These benefits are varied, covering health and wellbeing, sustainability and the hard-nosed realities of finances. They range from the tangible to the intangible – those which directly benefit the business or those which enhance the wellbeing of people and wider society.

Produced in partnership by NZTA and Sustainable Business Network you can see the workplace cycling guide here. 

What could you do on a bike?

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Start riding in Wellington

Learning to ride is the first step to enjoying all of the great things about cycling. Find out how to get started.

Little bike


Cycling is a smart investment. The environment, economy and all road users benefit from it. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice, and we are doing the same in Wellington.This s…