Riding on the road can be as simple as getting out there, but before you do, it's worth brushing up on the road code and give-way rules. Even if you’re a confident driver, learning more about the cycling road code will help you feel more capable on a bike.

Communicating with other road users is an important part of responsible cycling. Learn more about signalling and riding etiquette here.

Look out for these road markings:

  • Sharrows have a funny name made up of the words share and arrow. They’re road markings that remind cyclists to move to the centre of the lane. They also let motorists know to expect people on bikes to take the lane. You’ll find sharrows in slower traffic areas, where it’s safer to take space in the lane.
  • Advanced stop boxes (or bike boxes) are spaces for people on bikes at the front of intersections. They help to make you visible to other road users, and get you out in front of cars when the lights turn green.
  • Bike lanes and bus lanes. Some streets have lanes for bikes only, usually indicated by green road markings. Many of Wellington’s bus lanes can also be used by bikes, unless indicated with ‘Bus Only’ signs.


Getting familiar with the rules of the road is the first step. Once you have the basics, you’ll feel more confident riding on the street.

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