Here are some guidelines to riding in groups on the road that will make your ride a lot more fun. Plus all other road users will appreciate your actions, especially the friends you’re riding with.


Be predictable 

Avoid suddenly braking and changing direction. The riders behind you won't be able to see the road ahead as clearly so rely on you to be predictable.


Brake carefully 

Try to brake slowly and in control. Communicating with fellow riders by yelling "braking" or "stopping" will let your friends know what you intend to do.


Point out obstacles 

This helps your bike buddies know what to expect and communicates to other road users why you may be deviating from your line. Obstacles such as parked cars, open doors, broken glass, potholes and stones are all worthwhile pointing out.


Don't follow too closely uphill 

Generally when people get out of their saddle the bike will actually be forced backwards to accommodate the change in riding position. Try to keep a bike’s length between you and other riders while you’re climbing a hill.


Obey the road rules 

All the regular road rules apply when you are riding in a group. Sticking with your mates isn't an excuse to run a red light. If you're at the front of the group and the light is orange, it pays to stop so you can make sure the rest of your group can keep up.

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