Folding bikes are perfect for taking on public transport and for people with limited storage space.

Folding bikes have certain advantages:

  • They’re portable
  • All trains and buses in Wellington allow folding bikes on all services. They also fit easily in the boot of your car or a taxi.
  • They can be folded and easily stored in apartments.
  • No need to lock your bike outside, just take it with you.


There is no reason to think folding bikes are slower or harder work than regular bikes. The small wheels of a folding bike help in a number of ways to ensure that your ride is just as comfortable as a regular bike.

As with regular bikes, there are folding bikes for most budgets. All retailers stock folding bikes. While the folding mechanisms look similar, each model will have its own quirks. Make sure you try folding and unfolding in store and take it for a ride before you buy.

If you know the model of the bike, there is most likely a YouTube video that can help. Search ‘how to fold (model of bike)’.

What could you do on a bike?

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Little bike


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