You don't need to completely change your lifestyle in order to cycle to work. It's not all tight shorts and road bikes. If you look a little closer on your way to work, you’ll notice plenty of people cycling in their regular clothes, usually on an upright bike. But special clothing might be the more practical option if your trip is a little longer, or if you like to keep up a fast pace.

Visibility is important when it comes to clothing though, so if you aren’t wearing a purpose-made garment, you may want to pop on a hi-vis vest over your regular clothing. They’re inexpensive and can be packed away easily once you arrive. In order to be visible in low light – twilight, dawn, or overcast days – you will need to have a good set of lights that you can bolt onto your bike, or detachable USB chargeable ones. 

You’ll also want to have a good bag to get your things to and from work. From backpacks to panniers and baskets, there are plenty of ways to transport your work things, sport things, or your groceries. 

Commuting by bike is as easy as you make it. Allow the time to keep a comfortable pace and you will arrive to work ready to start the day, no fuss or changing needed.

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