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Nick and Rita

Nick: “I've always cycled for transport and recreation so it was a natural choice to transport Rita by bike. It's an easy way to get around and she has always enjoyed it. The eBike means we can carry groceries up the hill to our house or take Rita and a friend on the back.”

Rita: “The best thing about riding bikes is doing skids. Downhills are nice, uphills aren’t so nice unless you’re in the first gear — it’s a bit easier.”


 MariaRosa Small

Maria and Rosa

Maria: “We started biking with Rosa to kindy at 3 years old. She would go along on the running bike until she got her first pedal bike. We made a real effort to cycle with her - we feel really connected to the community and more connected with nature when we bike.”

Rosa: “I like it because you pedal instead of just walking and you see more things than going in the car.“


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Alex and kids

Alex: “There’s a real sense of freedom riding a bike. It’s just fun and it’s great being active. I really like the cargo bike - I can give the kids that sense of freedom too. I took the two oldest to school this morning. I drop the youngest off at kindy three times a week. They really like it. We have a Bluetooth speaker and they get to choose what we listen to. We’re always riding with music.”


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Little bike


Cycling is a smart investment. The environment, economy and all road users benefit from it. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice, and we are doing the same in Wellington.This s…