If you’re looking at buying a bike, it’s easy to feel like you need to drop a lot of money on gadgets and accessories to get into it. This can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. Here’s what you really need now, and what you can save for later.

The only things you need to start your cycle journey are a bike and a helmet that fits. For tips on helmet fitting – and what to look out for in a good helmet – see the cycling road code.

You won’t need them right away, but bike lights are an essential purchase if you’ll be riding in the morning or evening – especially during the darker months. A bike lock is a good investment to make once you start riding around town or to visit friends. Check out some different locks and learn how to keep your bike secure.

Clothes that feel comfortable will do just fine when you’re starting out. No need to worry about sweating if you take things at your own pace, and no need to leap to lycra. Some good rain gear will make all the difference when the Welly weather goes south, so consider adding a light, packable raincoat and waterproof trousers to your wardrobe.

Having the right equipment is an important part of cycling, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Focus on a helmet and bike, and add accessories as you need them.

What could you do on a bike?

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Learning to ride is the first step to enjoying all of the great things about cycling. Find out how to get started.

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