Moving from tracks and cycle routes onto the road can feel like a big step. But if you’ve got a bike and a helmet then you’re ready to ride around the neighbourhood and get a feel for the road.

To get started, walk your bike to a quiet spot, off the main roads. Try to find somewhere without too many obstacles - relatively flat and not too narrow. You'll want a route where you won’t need to worry about the traffic or terrain so you can focus on practising turns and signalling. Have a look at these quiet streets in your area.

Your helmet is your main piece of safety gear, but when riding on the road it’s important to see and be seen, so consider this equipment:

Bike lights – these are essential if you are going to be out when it’s dark. You will need a rear (red) and front (white) light, and they’ll need to be able to be seen from 200m away.

Sunglasses – on the flip side, if you’re out during the day, a pair of glasses will help to reduce glare and ensure that you’re able to see hazards.

Reflective gear – items that can help you be seen by other road users will make your trip safer. Let us know if you’d like a reflective ankle bracelet or backpack cover.

What could you do on a bike?

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Start riding in Wellington

Learning to ride is the first step to enjoying all of the great things about cycling. Find out how to get started.

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