Cycling is a smart investment. The environment, economy and all road users benefit from it. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with transport choice, and we are doing the same in Wellington.

This site was created to:

  • Support people who want to ride their bike in Wellington
  • Enable people to ride their bikes on the integrated network we are building
  • Provide information about cycling to everyone, no matter their preferred mode of transport
  • Inform people in Wellington of upcoming cycling events.


How we got here

We started developing this website by talking to Wellingtonians. Over 300 people responded to a survey through the Wellington City Council’s Smart Cities Cycle newsletter. Respondents were asked to share their experience of riding a bike in Wellington, including, how often they ride a bike? When and how they started? The kinds of support material they did or would find helpful and their opinions on barriers and benefits to cycling in Wellington.
The information was analysed and formed the basis for the the seven stages of the Bike There journey and the content developed for each stage.
View the research findings .

Like all websites, this one is constantly evolving and more information will be added as it comes to hand.


Credit to NZTA for images used on this site in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY 4.0). Other images are property of Wellington City Council.

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