Cargo bikes are a great option for riding with children, to the markets, to the shops or just carrying stuff. There are different types of cargo bikes, each with their own positives and price points. E-cargo bikes are also becoming more popular.

Before buying, it’s good to ask yourself what you’ll need to it to carry and where you’ll store the bike when not in use.


Box bike

These bikes have a large box at the front, set low to the ground. The weight distribution is good. You’ll be pushing the load rather than pulling, which gives a nicer ride. These can be designed specifically for what you’ll be carrying, including purpose-made seats for riding with children.


Long tails

Long-tail cargo bikes offer the familiarity of a regular bike with an extended rear rack to carry your things. It is possible to carry children on these too. But you will need to get used to having the weight higher off the ground.


Cargo trikes

Cargo trikes have one rear wheel and two front wheels creating space for a large carrying compartment. They are more cumbersome than two-wheeled cargo bikes and can generally carry a lot more. You won’t be as agile or quick in one of these, but carrying big loads is a lot easier.


Utility cargo bike

Utility bikes are similar to regular bikes and have a reinforced frame to handle extra weight. You won’t be able to carry as much as other, larger, cargo models but will still be able to handle the market shop or similar comfortably. Basically, they offer all the benefits of regular bicycles with some extra carrying capacity.

What could you do on a bike?

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