Riding your bike in the wind and rain can be a lot of fun - it's all about mindset. Make sure you’re riding to the conditions and keeping an eye out for hazards.

In the wet:

  • Your tyres can brake, steer or accelerate, but they can’t do all at once. Don't lose traction by trying to do everything at the same time. Brake before you reach a corner and cruise through.
  • Brakes are less efficient in the rain, but disc brakes will perform significantly better than rim brakes in the wet. 
  • Remember that other people's vision may be impaired by foggy windscreens or umbrellas. 
  • Warm and waterproof clothing will make your ride much more comfortable.
  • Avoid road markings which get slippery in the wet. Try to go around manhole covers, road reflectors, wooden surfaces and noticeable oil splotches where possible.
  • Fit mudguards to your bike for winter, they’ll protect your clothes from the spray of both wheels.


In the wind:

  • Don't be afraid to take the lane if you are getting pushed around by the wind.
  • Be prepared for gusts. Steady wind isn't particularly dangerous but a strong gust out of the blue can catch you off guard.
  • Try to make your surface area as small as possible. Crouch down if possible and don't wear big baggy jackets.
  • Practise your balance on still days. Being able to complete an even circle in a single car park is a good goal. This will allow you to handle wind gusts comfortably.
  • Pay particular attention to the space between you and poles or parked cars.

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