You want to arrive at work looking and feeling your best. But sometimes life — or the weather, or helmet hair — gets in the way. You can’t control the weather, but you can keep some tricks up your sleeve and some things in your bag to look good on and off your bike.

Comfort is key when cycling, but that doesn’t have to mean getting into sports gear for your commute - though it may be the more practical option if you’ve got some distance to cover. Feel free to wear your regular clothes, just make sure your bottom half isn’t at risk of getting caught – cuffing your pants will keep them clear of your chain.  A pair of bike shorts can make cycling in a skirt easy as, but you’ll also find a bike with a lower cross-beam makes it easier to climb on and off.

A bit of helmet hair is inevitable, so it pays to keep some supplies in your bag or at your desk. A compact hair brush, a pack of wet wipes and some deodorant should see you through any situation. Check out these tips for staying fresh, even in hot weather.

Getting to work on a bike refreshed and ready to start the day doesn’t mean you have to compromise looking and feeling good. Planning a little routine now can help you get from A to B stylishly.

What could you do on a bike?

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